Photo Focus on anti-stress stones
06 Mar 2020

Focus on anti-stress stones

Stress has become the most common topic of concern these days due to the increasingly busier lives. Aside from that, the time spent in traffic jam during rush hour makes life more nerve-wracking. As the peace messenger and ambassador, Prem Rawat, said, people nowadays want peace.

For this reason, stones can be worn in jewels to reduce stress. In fact, crystals, tourmaline and other gems can give out energy to unwind and reduce anxiety.

Let us dig into those stones, which can create peace when you wear them


Celestite is renowned as a stone which induces soothing energy, which is able to overpower frenzied thoughts. In other words, it can connect you to the mind's eye and crown chakras, which are known as the promoter of inner peace. Wearing the stone as a ring or a necklace creates a feeling of well-being and tranquility, and helps overcome fear and stress.


The crystal clear stone is said to help find clarity in today's world where deceivers are everywhere. Some meditators use crystal in meditation to get clarity and vision on everything. In other words, they use it to clear their thoughts and remove all stressors which may block their way. They use the stones to prevent stress as it helps them focus on goals and find their ways.


Angelite comes from the word ‘angel', which can be used to represent a friend or helper. It is widely believed that the stone can help to find temporary relief at a time of loneliness. For example, by touching the stone, stress and tension are relieved, and the user is free from the burst of anger.

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is as blue as the ocean and just at the sight of the stone, one can feel relieved from stressed. In fact, the blue color soothes the mind and calms the soul. It is best to be worn as a necklace to give the face the reflection of the blue stone, which immediately frees yourself from anxiety.


Fluorite is known for its virtue to keep a good balance and induce clarity. The color of the stone is purple turquoise, and it is popular for helping the mind to eliminate negativity. Looking at the stone helps the mind remember the past and identify the real reason of the problem. It is best to be worn when going to public places so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed by adverse waves.


Amethyst is a purple crystal, which is renowned for helping the third eye have a vision and clarity in life. It is the favorite stone of popular celebrities due to its ability to enhance relaxation and induce better night sleep. Thus, it helps reduce stress.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known as a calming, protecting stones, and is believed to help the mind feel tranquil during stress. The stone is believed to emit energy to block harmful energy from the surroundings. It prevents the user from being affected by the influences of negative people.

In short, the beauty of nature in those stones is essential to help you to obtain the inner peace, which is the main focus of Prem Rawat's teachings.