Photo What music to listen to be Zen?
04 Mar 2020

What music to listen to be Zen?

To cope with the stress of the daily life, people engage in all sorts of leisure activities, like watching TV or watching a good movie. Others hang out with friends, play sports or eat out to unwind. Apart from that, it can be said that music is the most common and practical way to chill out. T

he peace ambassador and messenger, Prem Rawat, said that it is possible for each individual to attain peace because it is inside them. Nowadays, it is common to listen to music anywhere with a headphone to relax. But what kind of music should we listen to be Zen?

Listen to deep relaxation music to be Zen

Deep relaxation music refers to the kinds of music, which are used for meditation purposes. They can enhance the feeling of Zen and deep relaxation for the soul, because of their ability to spark healing energy for chakra balance. As opposed to the usual types of music, deep relaxation music just consists of sounds, and they are designed to impart the listener with a feeling of serenity.

They are made to help individuals manage stress, stay focuses, and unleash chakras and discover inner power. Keep reading and discover some types of music, which stimulate deep peace of mind.

Fountain water music

Fountain water sounds are popular for meditation and deep breathing practices. This kind of music helps to focus during mindfulness meditation. Water sounds can induce sleep and promote mind relaxation. Fountain water music creates a feeling of contentment for the heart as it reminds of the peaceful time in nature. Fountain water sounds are deeply relaxing; thus, they can eliminate stress.

Raindrops music

Raindrops are used to compose music, which boosts focus during meditation or when studying. In addition, this type of music is used to treat patients with insomnia for its power to induce deep sleeping and healing.

Nature sound in music

Studies by researchers issue reports about the calming effect of nature sound in stressed individuals. In fact, the sound of rain makes the subconscious mind become distracted and release stress. Therefore, it is soothing and promotes a deep feeling of inner tranquility.

Ocean music

The calming sound of the Ocean is used in music therapy as a promoter of deep, relaxing sleep for depressed patients. Trauma may lead to lack of sleep and unrest. Thus, by listening to the ocean sound in music while you are lying on a couch or on a sofa, the mind becomes calm and relaxed. This kind of music can induce lucid dreaming and it is helpful to listen to it to prompt rejuvenation.

Other kinds of music to be serene

In addition to the aforementioned relaxation music, it is also possible to be Zen by listening to classical music composed by popular classical musicians. In addition, it can promote deep sleep and help to unwind from stress. Besides, other types of music are helpful to ease tension and reduce anger or sadness.

Among those, it is worth citing other sources of relaxation from music which are based on atmospheric sounds with dance beats and some vocals. In brief, it is helpful to attain inner peace by listening to relaxing music and practicing the kind of meditation called "Knowledge", that was mentioned in the teachings of the peace mediator, Prem Rawat.